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Safety Report

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  • Website Blacklist Status

    The website is not present or blacklisted in trusted security services such as Google SafeBrowsing , Yandex SafeBrowsing, ThreatLog and Malware Domain List. This means the website should be potentially safe to visit and it should not contain active threats at least currently, according to the safety reports of third-party and trusted security services.

  • WOT Trustworthiness Score

    The website has an unknown trustworthiness score in the WOT (Web of Trust) online reputation, this generally means that there are no WOT users that have rated the website yet, so most probably this may be a not popular website or at least not very known in the WOT community. We recommend you to read more information in the WOT Reputation Scorecard.

  • IP Address Blacklist Status

    The IP address is not blacklisted by trusted security services such as Spamhaus and StopForumSpam. The IP address should be safe and it should not be involved in spamming activities or malware incidents. It is important for an online shop to host the website in a dedicated server to reduce the risks of being infected like it may happen in a shared hosting, with many websites hosted in the same server.

  • Domain Registration Date

    The domain name of the website was 1st registered only 2 months ago, the website is very new and we may not be able to judge its safety yet, because we may have not enough details to analyze. Obviously every business has to start, but as always you should be more cautious especially in this case, when a domain name was created less than 1 year ago.

  • Domain Name Analysis

    We have analyzed the domain name to find combination of words such as "cheap" and "nike" used to promote potentially counterfeits but it seems the domain name is fine. A reliable shopping website should not contain trademarked words such as "rayban", "nike" in the domain name. Generally unethical websites and potentially scams use this technique to hijack or boost the position in search engines for a specific keyword or phrase.

  • Server Country Location

    The server's IP address that hosts the website seems to be located in an unknown country, we are sorry but we were unable to identify the country name where the web server is located, in this case you may ignore this message, but remember to pay attention before buy something online.

  • Name Servers Location

    The domain name seems to be configured to use name servers (NS) that are located in an unknown country. Unfortunately we were unable to find the geolocation of the name servers associated with this domain name, so you may probably ignore this information.

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