Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common ScamIdentifier related questions. Should you have a question that is not present in this FAQ please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiry. To know more about our service visit the about us web page.

Why my website has a potentially bad online reputation ?

Make sure to check our report where you see a red icon, it may be because your website is blacklisted by third-party security services (such as Google Safe Browsing), or because you have a poor trustworthiness score in the WOT reputation scorecard, or because the server's IP address where is hosted your website is classified as spam by IP DNSBL services (such as Spamhaus).

Why my website is blacklisted by security services ?

If your website is blacklisted, most probably it was used to distribute malware in the past days or it was compromised by cybercriminals that may have injected malicious javascript or iframe code in the HTML pages of your website. In this case if you have already fixed the problem you just need to contact the blacklist that detected the website and ask them to remove your site from their database because you have cleaned the issue.

Why my website has a poor trustworthiness on WOT ?

You may find these external links informative:

Can you remove a false positive detection from my website ?

We are not responsible for false positive detections, this service is used to gather information about a website by querying third-party security services that are not managed by us. All the false positive detection issues should be addressed directly with the company or with the individual that owns the scanning engine, for example you can visit their website and contact them by email.

I think the scan report is wrong, can I contact you ?

Of course you can, make sure to explain why you think the scan report has wrong information or what you would like to change so we can discuss it with you and see what we can do. We have created a custom algorithm to analyze all the information gathered about a website and then output the results in the scan report web page, we do our best to maintain all the data correct and up to date, however errors are not impossible.

Can you remove or hide information about my website ?

The answer to this question is why should we remove information about your website ? What's wrong with our scan report ? And why you want to hide (public) information about your website ? If there is a problem you can contact us at anytime and without problems so we can work togheter to fix a possible issue in the classification of your website.

What can I do to optimize the online reputation ?

Well, I would recommend you to share your website URL in social networks, add high quality content to your website, ask your customers / users to vote your website on WOT and on your Facebook page, make sure to have SSL (HTTPS) in the checkout and in the user registration/login page, write information about your company so users know who you are, do not use trademarked keywords in the domain name (such as "nike" and "cheap"), periodically check that your website is not blacklisted, and so on.